Raw Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, No Added Sugar, Organic, 40g


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Discover the perfect harmony of almonds, sea salt and raw chocolate, WITHOUT added sugar

Almond Sea Salt is a full-bodied raw chocolate delight that combines raw chocolate, almonds and a touch of high-quality sea salt. This raw chocolate is made without added sugar as the request of consumers and it is sweetened with natural and calorie-free erythritol, which is found in e.g. in grapes and melons.

Enjoy a piece of handmade raw chocolate together with friends or sweeten your day in a healthy way. Fall in love with sumptuous flavours of the chocolate that will charm even the biggest chocoholics!


Foodin’s Raw Chocolates are made by hand at our factory in Vaajakoski, and the raw chocolate is prepared using a traditional stone ground method. Giant millstones grind the ingredients into a velvety chocolate mass for two or three days and the low, below 42-degree Celsius temperature ensures that the properties of the cocoa bean are preserved in the final product. The gentle stone grounding affects the texture and softness of the chocolate – Foodin raw chocolates are a delight for all the senses.  

Once the chocolate mass is done, both our stone ground artisan Sanna and chocolate artisan Malla will conduct a thorough taste and texture assessment. It is important to make sure that the mass is even and silky soft, and that the taste is exactly right. The mass is then tempered, i.e., heat treated. Tempering ensures a shiny finish and the right shade for the chocolate. Dark chocolate requires a little more heat than lighter chocolates. Tempered chocolate is formed into chocolate bars using moulds. Then, the finished chocolates are placed on a vibrating plate, which removes air bubbles and makes the surface of the chocolate smooth. The chocolate bars are then cooled in the refrigerator.  

Our raw chocolates are vegan and contain no preservatives or additives whatsoever. All you have to do is take a peek at the ingredient list – we make our chocolates from only the best ingredients. All our raw chocolate products have received the Flag Key label as a sign of Finnish craftsmanship and labour. 

May contain traces of gluten-free oats, nuts, almonds, sesame seeds, milk protein and gluten-free oats.





Kaakaonibs* 35,9%, kaakaovoi* 23,6%, erytritoli*, MANTELI* 14,5%, sikurijuuren kuitu*, vaniljauutejauhe*, auringonkukkalesitiini*, merisuola 0,54%. *=luomu


Energiaa 2198 kJ, 526 kcal, Rasva 49,5 g, Tyydyttyneet rasvahapot 26,3 g, Hiilihydraatit 3,9 g, Sokerit yhteensä 1,8 g, Kuitu (kokonaiskuitu) 18,1 g, Proteiini 8,1 g, Laktoosi 0 g, Suola natriumista laskettuna 0,6 g


40 g


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Raw Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, No Added Sugar, Organic, 40g

In stock