Foodin’s sweet treats are a unique selection of Mother Nature’s delicacies, raw chocolate coated fruits and berries, salty movie snacks and raw chocolate bars. Whether you’re searching for the perfect family movie snack, birthday party favours or a simple treat for yourself, look no further 

We believe that treats and sweets are an essential part of a balanced and healthy diet. Our treats do not contain white sugar or artificial sweeteners to ensure that when you do treat yourself, you’ll have the best options available.  

All our sweets are made in our factory in Vaajakoski, Finland, with solid experience and a never-ending passion. Our chocolate is ground in a traditional stone ground mill to a velvety soft mass. The temperature of the mass does not rise above 42 degrees at any stage, preserving the properties of the cocoa beans. Our raw chocolate is sweetened with coconut sugar, which is often referred to as the most sustainable sweetener in the world. From coffee to peppermint and strawberry to chai, you’ll find your favourite raw chocolate flavour from our selection. In addition to our chocolate bars, we also offer a selection of chocolate-coated berries and fruits.  

If you feel like treating yourself to some candy, why not try our Nature Sweets? Ruby Red and Blueberry Sweetie are delicious mixes of berries, fruit and raw chocolate. The size, taste and shape of the sweets are designed with the littlest members of the family in mind, but adults love them too! If you feel like having something more salty, try our organic popcorn! Season them to your liking with your favourite spices. For the licorice-craving foodie, our licorice dates are a perfect toffee-like, sweet and soft treat 

Handmade Raw Chocolate : Fine Finnish Craftsmanship

Our handmade raw chocolate is the result of a never-ending passion. Our founder Lasse Jalkanen...