Our organic cacao products are the cornerstone of our selection. You can use our cacao products in smoothies, baking, cooking and in making your own raw chocolate. Cacao butter, cacao paste and cacao butter are absolute necessities for both professional and amateur chocolate artisans.  

Discover the authentic cacao bean flavour in many forms – in cacao beans themselves, in cacao nibs, cacao paste, cacao butter, raw chocolate crumble and in cacao powder. Prepare raw chocolate treats, hot drinks, confectionery, muffins, icings, cakes and so much more! Use cacao in savoury cooking as well – in South America, chocolate is used in sauces and pot dishes! 

All of our raw chocolate products contain aromatic and high quality cacao forms. Unique, traditional production methods guarantee a flavourful experience and take you on a trip to the roots of authentic cacao.  Our cacao products don’t contain anything artificial, and you can bake and make treats and delicacies without worrying about white sugar or gluten. Our raw chocolate crumble gets its sweet, soft creaminess from coconut manna that is made from coconut chips.  

Foodin cacao is sustainable and ethically sourced. We support and respect both the environment and cacao farmers. The Criollo variety cacao beans are grown following ethical and sustainability guidelines in the depths of the Amazonian rainforest. We work in close cooperation with farmers, ensuring a fair wage and livelihood and an education for their children. The small family farmers work closely together with our sourcing partners. This ensures that typical problems of mass production, including child labour, are in much better control.  

Our sourcing partners are responsible for execution of the education, health care and other supporting functions that create wellbeing in the farming communities. The Organic Certificate ensures that the environment, people and animals are treated just and fair. Our partners have the SPP Certification that ensures funds for the children’s schooling and enables supervising guideline compliance.