Welcome to the world of environmentally friendly sweeteners. Traditional white sugar meets its match when faced with Foodin’s selection of natural, high-quality sweetenershave a taste and find out for yourself! 

Our natural sweetener selection is sustainable and has a low glycemic index. A low glycemic index means that the sweetener either raises blood sugar more slowly or does not raise it at all. For example birch and coconut sugar raise blood sugar levels at a slow rate. They work well in the place of regular white sugar in all kinds of baking and food that needs a little sweetness. Often referred to as the most sustainable sweetener in the world, coconut nectar and the sugar made from it have a deep, aromatic and sophisticated flavour.  

Calorie free stevia extract can be mixed into liquids, and can be combined with other sweeteners. Our agave syrup provides a soft alternative to honey or melted sugar. Fall in love with sustainable sweeteners and find your new favourite!