Choose your beverage from Foodin’s ethically and sustainably produced selection of high-quality drinks! The drinks include no preservatives or additives. Choose hydrating coconut water, fresh lemon juice or the refreshing Flow coffee drink!  

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Find the perfect drink for both breezy summer days and chilly winter nights from Foodin’s fresh selection of drinks. It is important to us that our drinks are produced ethically and sustainably, respecting the environment and farming communities.  

Our all-year-round-favourite coconut water is one of our most popular products, and no wonder: the fresh, tropical taste and convenient packaging makes coconut water an essential to many of our customers! Coconut water tastes wonderful as it is or as part of mocktails and smoothies no matter where you are – at your desk, in the sauna, on a nature route, in the woods on a picnic.  

Foodin’s lemon juice is made in sunny Sicily, where rich, deep yellow lemons absorb the southern Italian sun. Many start their day with water and lemon juice, and it makes a great flavouring for non-alcoholic drinks, smoothies and other beverages. Lemon juice is also handy in cooking and deepening flavours along with salt and pepper. In addition to lemon juice, our selection includes delicious apple cider vinegars, which work just as well in drinks as they do in sauces. 

Coffee drinks and cocoa provide refreshment and warmth. We roast our coffee in collaboration with a small roastery in Jyväskylä, and have added delicious spices from cardamom to cinnamon to our unique, functional cocoa.