Berries and fruits are the sweets of the natural world: delicate, juicy, soft and sweet! Our selection includes soft, juicy dates and mangoes, sweet mulberries and tart inca berries. Use spicy ginger in baking, pop a few sundried tomatoes into your salad, and sprinkle goji berries into your granola 

Fruits and berries make excellent snacks, and particularly sweet, juicy treats like licorice dates are almost like candy. Berries can be sprinkled on porridge, yogurt or muesli, and soaked berries make excellent bases for smoothies. Dates can be used in raw cake batters, and all berries and fruits can be used in preparing and decorating raw chocolate. 

These natural delicacies can be used in savory cooking as well, and many berries work great in salads and on top of roasted vegetables. Mango is a traditional pair to chicken, and mulberries add sweetness to spicy sauces.  

Foodin’s berries and fruits are either organically grown or gathered from Finland’s wilderness. None of our treats have added sugar, additives or preservatives, so you can enjoy them worry-free.