One smoothie base – 2 energizing smoothies with seasonal citrus fruits! The yellow smoothie gets a boost from Foodin turmeric powder and the pink smoothie is flavored with the amazing healthy Foodin Nordic berries powder made from Finnish berries.  


Smoothie base

250 g frozen pineapple
~ 2 tbsp Foodin shelled hemp seeds
~ 0,5 dl Foodin cashews
citrus fruits such as
1 mandarin orange
½ grape fruit
½ orange
½ lime
(0,5 – 1 dl Foodin coconut water)

For the yellow smoothie: 1 tsp Foodin turmeric powder and for the pink smoothie 1 tbsp Foodin Nordic berries powder.

Toppings: more citrus fruit


Blend the smoothie base. Add coconut water if needed. Divide the smoothie into two bowls and mix the turmeric powder into one and the berry powder into the other. You can also blend the powders into the smoothie. Add sliced citrus fruit as toppings and enjoy immediately! 

Note: You can also soak the cashews in water overnight or for at least an hour so they soften. 

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