Go nuts! Our wide selection of organically produced, rich and delicious nuts are here to level up your snack and cooking game. Nuts are perfect as snacks just the way they are, and they are easily added to both salty dishes and sweet desserts. In our selection you’ll find everything from strong and savoury hazelnuts to creamy almonds. Your next vegetarian wok or pecan pie awaits! 

According to nutritional recommendations given by Ruokavirasto, nuts and seeds are a good source of unsaturated fats and are recommended as a part of a balanced and healthy diet. Nuts play a key role in raw baking and vegan cooking, in which they’re transformed into milk, creamy fillings, biscuits or homemade snack bars. Almonds and cashews can be used to make vegan milks and cream cheeses, and pecans are the perfect addition to pies and other pastries. The slightly bitter walnut is a versatile, delicious nut that can easily be softened and sweetened by soaking.  

Soaking nuts promotes the absorption of nutrients. Almost all nuts can be soaked in water overnight, and if you want to extend their shelf life, we recommend drying them in the oven on low heat. Read our development manager Jaakko Halmetoja’s easy soaking and at-home-activation instructions here. If you’re scarce for time and want to enjoy the benefits of activation immediately, you can check out Foodin’s pre-activated nut and seed products here.   

Nuts make a delicious addition to casseroles, porridges, salads and sauces, and are a great way to decorate cakes and icings when crushed. Furthermore, nuts and almonds are perfect in muesli and smoothies! Have you already tried our delicious almond milk or mouth-watering pecan pie recipe?