Get your daily dose of mushrooms and herbs with our Finnish chaga, reishi and roseroot tinctures! Mix them in water or other drinks, or have a dash straight from the dropper as part of a varied and balanced diet

Fall in love with Finnish herb and mushroom tinctures! Tinctures are an effortless way to add herbs and mushrooms to your daily diet. The handy dropper makes it easy to add your favourite tincture to water or other hot or cold drinks, and even into smoothies. You can also have your tincture straight from the dropper.  

Chaga is a wood-decaying fungus that forms on to the trunk of many varieties of deciduous trees. Chaga has been a part of Finnish kitchens for generations. During wartime in Finland, it was brewed as a coffee substitute and it was known as “Woodpecker tea”. Reishi was first mentioned in the Chinese literary work, “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” more than 2000 years ago. Roseroot is one of the oldest herbs used in the Nordic countries.  

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