Find all the oils and fats you need for baking, frying and cooking stews and sauces from our carefully curated selection! 

Fat is an essential part of a varied, balanced diet, and different oils suit different purposes. Olive oil is great for all kinds of cooking and baking, whereas caprylic acid and MCT oil suit bulletproof coffees and smoothies. Coconut oil and ghee can be used in higher temperatures and are excellent in frying and baking anything from mouth-watering crepes to roasted veggies.  

Our selection also includes luxurious, gourmet pumpkin seed oil that will elevate your salad dressing game, and an unfiltered olive oil that truly brings a whiff of the Mediterranean to your kitchen. To top everything off, try our Finnish hemp seed oil – make it a part of smoothies or drinks and use it in cooking at medium temperature.   

All of our oils and fats are organic and sustainably produced. Our olive oil is pressed from high-quality Koroneiki olives, that are harvested with a specific, gentle brush to avoid disturbing birds or the environment. Our coconut oil is forest farmed, which promotes biodiversity. The wellbeing of the whole supply chain, from farmer to customer, is a core value for us. Read more about the production of our coconut and olive oil from our blog.