Salt is at the core of all cooking. High-quality salt enhances flavours of foods and different ingredients, increases the shelf life of products and maintains the body’s hydration balance. Salt deepens and brings out both sweet and salty notes in food, and is a vital part of baking.   

Our selection includes sea salt and Himalayan crystal mineral salt in both fine and coarse textures to suit all types of cooking.  

Most of the world’s salt is obtained from the ocean and salt deposits layered in the soil. Salt is processed and sold in several dozen countries, such as France and Pakistan, both where Foodin’s salt selections originate from. The salt is gathered by evaporating sea water or mining in the mountains.  

A high-quality salt highlights the flavour of food, and brings out both sweet and salty flavours. In order to not use too much salt, consider adding less salt than needed at first. You can always add more after tasting your dish. Foodin appreciates quality salt, and smart use ensures delicious taste experiences! 

Try mixing different salts together, or season salt with your favourite herbs! Sea salt and crystal salt together with herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, herbs de Provence or pepper make a fantastic mix that enhances almost any vegetable dish! Store your own mix in a beautiful glass jar – try re-using Foodin’s rose-gold topped spice jars! 

Did you know that sea salt and Himalayan crystal salt are also used in skin and health care? Steam inhalation with salt is used for a stuffy nose, and salt is mixed into soaps and cosmetics. A DIY-favorite is a body and face scrub that cleanses impurities. For example, mixing salt with coconut oil creates a scrub that can be used on the face, body and scalp. Scrub in a gentle circular motion, and do remember that salt scrubs are not suitable for sensitive or irritated skin and are never to be used on sensitive spots such as the under-eye area. Wash the salt-cream with water and pat dry the skin gently. The fine salt is a more gentle option than the coarse variety.