When you’re in need of a quick, easy and versatile snack, look no further than Foodin’s snacks and bars! We’re very proud of the Clean Label recipe and crunchy texture of our granola and collagen protein bars, and our activated Trail Mix flavours have quickly become family favourites! 

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Our clean label granola bars are made from the most high-quality nuts, berries and fruits available. More versatile than most granola bars, the Foodin snacks contain chia seeds, flax seeds, fennel and spinach.

Our collagen protein bars are widely popular for a reason. Each bar contains at least 12 grams of protein, and include a wide variety of ingredients from Mother Nature to create the best flavour and texture possible.

Our activated Trail Mix selection is easy to carry with you, and a versatile snack break can always be ensured. The nuts and seeds in our Trail Mixes have been activated to aid the absorption of nutrients, which makes our Trail Mixes an excellent choice for hikes and trips in the Great Outdoors. Our snacks and bars are handy treats during long workdays or study sessions, when you crave for something tasty but do not want white sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Foodin snacks and bars are made solely from natural ingredients, and they do not contain any preservatives or additives.