This lovely summer dessert is sweetened with Foodin birch sugar, a great tasting healthy alternative to regular white sugar. Add Foodin white chocolate raspberries and strawberries on top to make the sorbet even more delicious. 


500 g frozen strawberries 

0,5 dl basil leaves 

0,5-1 dl Foodin birch sugar, depending on the sweetness level of the strawberries 

Toppings: Foodin white chocolate raspberries and strawberries


Chop the basil. Blend the frozen strawberries and basil together with the birch sugar until smooth. This may take a few minutes and you may have to wait for a while to let the berries thaw a bit. You also need to press the berries down with a tamper to get the blender rolling. 

The sorbet is ready immediately, but you can also freeze it for a few hours to make it scoopable. Decorate each portion with crumbled Foodin white chocolate rasperries and strawberries and fresh basil leaves.

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