Foodin’s smoothie mixes are an easy way to add an array of different superfoods to your daily breakfasts and snacks. You can add variety and freshness to your everyday meals with these versatile smoothie powder mixes. Each mix contains more than 20 different superfoods, and they can be added to any smoothie, dough or drink effortlessly. They’re a favourite in raw porridge, yogurt and even pancake batter! 

The smoothie mix refreshes your daily routine with ease and quickly adds a large portion of superfoods to your meals. The Green Smoothie Mix includes organic superfoods, plant protein, and our high-quality Green Powder, which contains all essential classic greens from chlorella to alfalfa. The base for our Berry Smoothie Mix is whey protein, with organic berries such as strawberries, raspberries, acerola, wild blueberries and acai added into the mix.   

Smoothie mixes blend well into your daily diet. They can be mixed into water and added to smoothies, porridge or yogurt. The recommended daily dose of 3 tablespoons will be all you need in terms of great superfoods!