Foodin’s Flow products are a break-time favourite among knowledge workers and those in need of a little pick-me-up during long workdays. Our founder Lasse Jalkanen and Development Manager Jaakko Halmetoja have developed the Flow cacao and raw chocolate into a unique combination of flavour and functionality.  

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The root of Flow-products lie in making hectic, busy day-to-day life easier with versatile and functional options. The sheer enjoyment of chocolate lies at the heart of Flow product development, which founder Lasse Jalkanen and Development Manager Jaakko Halmetoja wanted to intensify even more.   

Hot Flow beverages refresh on a long day no matter what you’re doing, and provide a relaxing cacao moment when you need it the most. The delicious Flow cacao heightens to new dimensions with curcumin, cinnamon, licorice root and other captivating spices such as cardamom.  Flow cacao has been specifically popular among the customers who don’t drink coffee, but want refreshment for the long afternoons at the office.   

Flow raw chocolate is full of flavour and new dimensions due to theobromine, curcumin and many other versatile ingredients. The flavour is completely unique, authentic and a delight for your taste buds, and it is perfect for snack time on work days or long study sessions. The curcumin makes Flow chocolate a visual experience as well – the colour of the chocolate is a beautiful, earthy tone. It is perfect for both day-to-day snacking and celebratory dessert time! 

You won’t want to miss this Flow – have a taste!