Seeds are a great way to add colour and texture to your dish – they are tasty, versatile, many of them rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Try Foodin’s seeds in baking, add them as a finishing touch to salads and other savoury dishes, and create your own seeds mixes from our wide selection! All of our seeds are either organic or grown in Finland. 

Bring variety to your diet with seeds! Versatility does not get any easier than sprinkling delicious seeds on snacks, bakes, salads, sauces or pot dishes, or enjoying a small handful of your favourites on their own.

Each seed has its own special use – pumpkin seeds are at their best in buns and salads, chia seeds substitute eggs in baking when made into a gel, and hemp seeds are irreplaceable in vegan protein smoothies. All Foodin seeds are either organic or grown in Finland. Seeds are high in fatty acids, and many seeds contain plenty of protein.  

Soaking seeds before use makes them easier to digest and improves the absorption of nutrients. Try our favourite snack recipe on for size – soak the seeds, season them with your favourite spices, and dry them in the oven.  

Check out entire selection and find your favourite! Remember, only your imagination is the limit when thinking of new, tasty combinations and uses for your seeds! 

Eat seeds in moderation. They naturally accumulate heavy metals such as nickel and cadmium from the soil, and the recommended daily dose for an adult is about two tablespoons, and for kids one tablespoon a day is enough.