Our flakes and grits are easy, gluten free alternatives to cooking and baking. Use millets instead of rice, turn amaranth flakes into your new favourite morning porridge, and try quinoa in your next salad 

Flakes and grits are versatile gluten free alternatives to baking, cooking and snacking. As gluten free baking and cooking increases in popularity, quinoa, millets and amaranth have taken a place next to traditional pasta, rice and oats.  

Even if you’re a fan of simple cooking, do not shy away from these new alternatives – using gluten free flakes and grits is easy. All you need is boiling water and the spices of your choosing. Porridges are made from amaranth and millet by boiling them a tad longer than regular oatmeal. You can also create new combinations from different flakes, and make up completely new ways to use them! Many porridges turn into cookie dough, if left over from breakfast. The sky’s the limit! 

Our favourite porridge is made from amaranth, mixed with a little coconut manna and topped with fresh berries or dried mango pieces. Morning porridge with a tropical twist is a delight for the entire family!