Welcome to Foodin’s FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve attempted to respond to the most frequent questions on shopping in our webshop, customer service, products and packaging.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at info@foodin.fi or by phone +358 40 648 6670 Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern European Time (EEST).


Do I have to register to shop in your online shop?

You can place an order in our online shop without registering! By registering, however, you’re able to track the progress of your order, look back on your order history and save your address and contact infromation to make your next purchase easier. 

Do you have a factory outlet?

For the time being, we do not have a factory outlet. You can, however, pick up your online order from our pick-up storage at the Vaajakoski factory and save on shipping costs. You will receive a text message once your order is ready for collection. 

Do you sell gift cards for your online shop?
Yes, you can choose the amount of the gift card and place an order for the card in the shop. You will receive the gift card in your email. You can also send the electronic gift card directly to the recipient with a personalised message. 
Can I order products directly to another address - for example to a friend or family member that lives far?

Certainly. Simply add your friend’s address information to the shipping address slot, and the package will be sent their way! Please contact our customer support, should you wish to add a personalised note to the order. We’re happy to help you with your surprise! Our customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern European Time (EEST) +358 40 648 6670 or info@foodin.fi.

I forgot something from my order, can I add products to an already submitted order?

Unfortunately additions to submitted orders are not possible due to our automated order collection system. You can always place a new order for the product you forgot!

Can I pre-order an item that is currently out of stock?

Unfortunately, pre-orders are not available. We hope to restock your favourites as quickly as possible!

I received a discount voucher/gift card/code. How do I use it?

There is a special slot for discount codes and cards in the beginning of the check-out page.

My discount code isn't working, why is that?

Most of our discount codes apply for normal priced products only. If your code does not work correctly for another reason, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern European Time (EEST) +358 40 648 6670 or info@foodin.fi.

I'm going away on a trip. Will my package still be ready for collecting once I return?

You will be notified when your package is dispatched from us, and the last collection date of the package will be stated on your pick-up notice, after which it will be returned to us. You can contact our customer service and set a shipping time that is right for you. Our customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern European Time (EEST) +358 40 648 6670 or info@foodin.fi.

Do you ship internationally?

We do. Remember to select Paytrail as your payment method at the check-out. 

There's a bug or disconnection on the site and I cannot place an order, what do I do?

Take a screenshot of the problem or disturbance and send it via email to our customer service info@foodin.fi. We will attempt to fix the situation as quickly as possible. Thank you for helping us improve our service!

I'd be interested to work at Foodin. Who should I contact?

If there are no available positions, you can always send an open application to rekry@foodin.fi. Tell us about yourself and what type of positions you’d be interested in. Note, that currently all our positions demand fluency in Finnish. Thank you for considering us! 

I would like to collaborate with Foodin. Who should I contact?

If you wish to start a collaboration, send your ideas and pitch to yhteistyo@foodin.fi. We go through collabroration proposals approximately once a week.

I would like to sell your products. Who should I contact?

For wholesale and retail opportunities, please contact tukku@foodin.fi, open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern European Time (EEST): +358 45 151 3101.


Which of Foodin's products are gluten free?

All our products are gluten free, naturally! Our production is gluten free, but we do not have the Finnish Coeliac Society Gluten-free Certification. This means that there is a risk of traces of gluten, if the contamination has taken place before the ingredient has arrived to our production.

You say all your products are gluten free, but you do not have the official certification. Why is that?

Our entire selection is gluten free, and we do not process gluten in our factory facilities. We do not possess certification that covers the entire supply chain, and we do not test all the ingredients for traces of gluten.

Which of Foodin's products are vegan?

Almost all Foodin products are vegan, with the exception of whey protein, ghee, bee pollen, collagen and collagen protein bars.

Where can I find the best before date on your products?

The best before date is marked EXP MM/YYYY on either the backside of the bag or bottom of the can.

Can I still use a product that has expired?

Many of our products are still completely safe to use after the best before date. If the smell, texture and flavour of the product remains unchanged, you can use the product in the same way as before. 

Do you always test your products for heavy metals?

Most of our products are tested for heavy metals. We do make exceptions with certain products from specific areas,  like our olive oil and coconut water, and do not test every batch. 

Many of your products have added probiotics. Does this mean the products aren't vegan?

Bacillus Coagulans -probiotics are dairy free and vegan, and they have been tested for dairy allergens. Healthy, balanced gut bacteria improve wellbeing and are beneficial for digestion, nutrient absorption and the immune system. 

Is there lactose in your raw chocolate?

Our raw chocolate is vegan and does not contain lactose or dairy.

I'm extremely allergic to eggs and soy. Can I be sure that you do not handle these ingredients in your factory facilities?

We do not process eggs or soy in our own facilities, so there is no risk of contamination in our factory. However, we do not test for egg and soy allergens from all of our raw ingredients, so we cannot guarantee that they will be 100% free of allergen residue.

With our coconut milk, coconut oil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar we can guarantee that there are no allergens of soy or eggs.

How do you ensure the safety and purity of your added nutrients?
All of our superfoods and nutrients come from long-term, trusted partners, and every incoming batch is carefully tested. Purity certification is available for all our ingredients.
In addition to certification, our products are examined by government authorities and supervisors, such as Finnish Customs and Eurofins.
I'm pregnant. What superfoods and greenpowders can I use?

As a whole, the use of new superfoods and green powders should not be started during pregnancy, unless they have already been in frequent use before the pregnancy and the body is used to them. There are some exceptions – acerola and lucuma are safe to start even during pregnancy.

Always consult your doctor when deciding on the right diet during pregnancy.

Why do you use plastic in your packaging materials?

We work hard to develop packaging that is sustainable, recyclable and durable. When packing edible goods, several things have to be considered, from the safety of the materials used to usability, shelf life, logistics and recycling. We have tested biodegradable materials on several occasions, but the durability of the material and the lifecycle of the package is still a challenge. For the time being, we have resulted in using plastic, because it is easily recycled, very durable and ensures the goods stay good for as long as possible. 

The work is not done by any means – we’re currently testing new, exciting solutions for our packages, and once we find the right way to do it, we’ll be sure to bring it swiftly into production!

You sell products that are imported from all around the world. How do you ensure your business is sustainable?

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality organic goods the world has to offer.

If we cannot find the product with a high enough organic standard nearby, we will order it from wherever we can find it. The wellbeing and nutrition of the population plays a vital role in the future of humankind – people that feel well and eat well support the wellbeing of the entire planet. Focusing only on what we can find close by would narrow the selection down by a great deal, and we run risk of missing out on excellent, high-quality organic produce.

In organic farming, the soil is cultivated in rotations to control pests. Different roots and plants make the soil succulent, and it is able to bind nitrogen from the atmosphere to reduce emissions. Everything that is left uneaten in organic farming is returned to the soil, increasing the humus layer.

The primary production of an ingredient makes up most of the entire emissions of a product, and we take care of selecting partners that support biodiversity and environmentally friendly farming. Transportation is only a few percents of the entire footprint of a product, but we try to choose the most sustainable alternatives in shipments as well – the ingredients are shipped by cargo ships and in great quantities.

How does Foodin take social responsibility into account in its operations?

Foodin is a Finnish family business. We produce and pack almost all of our products locally, and almost all of our packaging material comes from Finland. We abide by collective agreements that are appropriate for our industry, and act in accordance with other applicable laws. 

Almost our entire selection is EU-certified organic produce or grown as a wild natural product. We favour organic and forest farming, and we actively take part in promoting these practices. We work with various partners around the world who represent small farming communities, where they monitor working conditions, prices, pay and support the farmers livelihoods with supplies and increased training and education. 

Production at our Vaajakoski factory is powered by solar power. Solar panels have been built to cover the entire roof of the factory. In addition to solar power in production, we utilise geothermal energy, ground cooling and heat recovery systems. 

We work with parties that promote equality in society and support those who cannot support themselves. We work together with Venner food aid and the Suvimäki clubhouse. 

If you’re looking for specific information on a certain product, remember to check that product for additional information!