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Foodin’s Finnish hemp protein is made from the esteemed Finola-variety hemp. Hemp is high in protein, and is great for both vegans and those who wish to add a plant-based protein to their diet. The taste of hemp protein is mildly aromatic, and is suitable for smoothies, cooking and baking.  

Mix 1-6 tablespoons of hemp protein to your smoothie or recovery drink, or use it in cooking and baking to increase the protein content of your delicacies! Our favorite way to use hemp protein is making protein pancakes: blend protein powder, a couple of eggs and the spices of your choosing, fry the pancakes and enjoy! 

The dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. 

Proteins are a crucial part of how our bodies work – they help our body recover and develop muscle mass. Proteins make us stronger, and provide us with long lasting energy. Proteins are made up of amino acids that perform necessary functions in the body. Since the body does not produce all amino acids on its own, everyone must take care of sufficient protein intake according to the needs of their own body.  

At Foodin, we strive to promote responsible food culture, whether we’re providing luxurious cooking oils or dietary supplements enjoyed during a workout. We take care of chemical analysis and physiological tests, scanning our proteins for heavy metals and pesticides. Foodin’s protein powders have no additives, fillers or preservatives, making it easier for our customers to make a better choice.  


Although both hemp and marijuana are classified as a plant called cannabis sativa, there are hundreds of different varieties of the plant. Hemp seeds for nutritional consumption do not have intoxicating properties, and the oil hemp variety we use does not contain THC.

Packed in a factory that handles gluten-free oats, nuts (cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts and walnuts), almonds, sesame seeds, milk protein and gluten-free oats.








Ravintosisältö/Näringsinnehåll per 100g

Energia/Energi: 1423kJ /340kcal
Rasva/Fett: 8g
-josta tyydyttyneet/varav mättat fett: 1g
-omega 3-rasvahappoja/fettsyra:2,2 g
-omega 6-rasvahappoja/fettsyra:6,9 g
Hiilihydraatit/Kolhydrater:2 g
-joista sokereita/varav sockerarter: 1,9 g
Ravintokuitu/Kostfiber:18 g
Proteiini/Protein: 55 g
Suola/Salt: 0,08g

Aminohappokoostumus per 100g:
Glutamiinihappo/Glutaminsyra: 7,8 g
Tryptofaani/Tryptofan: 0,4 g
Metioniini/Metionin/: 1 g
Treoniini/Treonin: 1,6 g
Valiini/Valin: 1,7 g
Isoleusiini/Isoleucin: 1,3 g
Leusiini/Leucin: 1,8 g
Fenyylialaniini/Fenylalanin: 2,0 g
Histidiini/Histidin: 1,2 g
Lysiini/Lysin: 1,8 g
Arginiini/Arginin: 5,1 g


Valmistettu tehtaassa jossa käsitellään pähkinöitä (cashew-, para-, pekaani-, pistaasi-, macadamia-, hassel- ja saksanpähkinöitä) mantelia, seesaminsiemeniä ja heraproteiinia (maidosta)./ I samma fabrik hanterar vi nötter (cashew-, para-, pekan-, pistage-, macadamia-, hassel- och valnöt) mandlar, sesamfrön och vassleprotein (från mjölk).


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Finnish Hemp Protein, 600g

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