This nourishing and delicious beet pasta sauce is ready in 15 minutes! The grated beets simmer together with Foodin coconut milk and spices into a bright dark pink sauce. Enjoy the pasta with Foodin dry roasted cashews for a satisfying quick weekday meal. 


1 red onion 

3-4 beets (about 300-400 g) 

Foodin Extra Virgin olive oil 

2 tsp Foodin Provence herbs 

¼ tsp Foodin salt 

2 dl Foodin coconut milk 

150 g (vegan) feta 

Pasta for four 

Foodin dry roasted cashews 


Dice the onion and grate the beets. Cook the onions in olive oil for a few minutes and add the grated beets. Season with Provence herbs and salt. 

Add the Foodin coconut milk and (vegan) feta. Mix and let the sauce simmer for 5-10 minutes on low heat until the beets have softened enough. 

Cook pasta for four and combine it with the pasta sauce. 

Add a handful of dry roasted cashews on top of your pasta. Enjoy! 

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