Prepare crunchy delicious tofu by marinating it in Foodin umamisauce and coating it with sesame seeds. Enjoy the sesame tofu with broccoli, noodles and a spicy cashew-based sauce. To make the meal even better garnish it with Foodin dry roasted BBQ cashews and fresh cilantro.  


Sesame tofu 

300 g tofu 

2 tbsp Foodin umami sauce 

¼ tsp salt  

0,75 dl Foodin sesame seeds 

3 tbsp Foodin white rice flour 

3 tbsp water 


0,5 dl Foodin cashew butter 

1,5 tbsp Foodin umami sauce 

1 tbsp Foodin lemon juice 

1 tsp Foodin ginger powder 

1 tsp toasted sesame oil 

¼ tsp Foodin chili powder 

¼ tsp salt 

0,5 dl water 


About 300 g broccoli 

Foodin Extra virgin olive oil for frying 

Noodles for four  

Foodin dry roasted BBQ cashews 

Fresh cilantro 


Press the extra liquid from the tofu and cut it into small cubes. Mix the umami sauce and salt. Let the tofu cubes marinate in the sauce for about 30 minutes rotating the cubes at least once. 

Put the sesame seeds on one plate, 1 tbsp rice flour on another plate and 2 tbsp rice flour mixed with 3 tbsp water on a third plate. 

Preheat the oven to 200 C. When the tofu cubes have marinated for about 30 minutes, roll them first in rice flour, then in the rice flour – water mixture and finally, coat the cubes in sesame seeds. Repeat until all cubes are coated. Cook the tofu cubes in the oven for 10 minutes, then rotate the pieces and cook for another 10 minutes or until the tofu is crunchy. 

Mix the sauce ingredients together. 

Chop the broccoli (stems and leaves included) and fry them in olive oil for about 5 minutes or until they have softened a bit. Set the broccoli aside. 

Prepare the noodles according to package directions and fry them in olive oil for a few minutes. Add the cashew-based sauce and mix the broccoli with the noodles and the sauce. 

Enjoy the noodles with sesame tofu, Foodin BBQ cashews and fresh cilantro. 

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