Lemon Juice, Organic 1L 6pack


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From century to century, lemons retain their position as the cornerstone of cooking, and a bottle of lemon juice can be found in almost every kitchen cabinet. The bitter and fresh lemon juice is a multiplayer, bringing acidity to dishes and seasoning foods and drinks from tea to salty foods and sweet pastries. 

Lemon juice is suitable for a wide range of flavouring and seasoningsalad vinaigrettes, Mediterranean dishes and sweet, raw bakes such as cheesecakes, dry cakes, raw cakes, muffins, pies and puddings as well as jellyLemon juice can be mixed with both cold and hot drinks, sauces and smoothies. The magic of lemon juice lies in the fact that it emphasises the flavours of other foods! 

Foodin’s organic lemon juice is made in Sicily. The farm started operating in the late 19th century in the province of Messina, and is now under the supervision of a fifth generation of passionate lemon farmers. Lemons are cold-pressed fresh and quickly pasteurized, which does not affect the vitamin C content, but stabilizes the juice microbiologically. One liter of juice contains up to 32 organic lemons. 

Once opened, the bottle ought to be stored in the refrigerator. The recommended shelf life is 7 days, but lemon juice is still usable up to several weeks!  

Organic, vegan, gluten-free, additive– and preservative-free. 

Lemon Juice, Organic 1 L






1 L

Ravintosisältö/Näringsinnehåll per 100g

Energiaa/Energi: 117 kJ / 28 kcal
Rasvaa/Fett: 0,1 g
– joista tyydyttyneitä/varav mättat fett: 0 g
Hiilihydraatit/Kolhydrates: 6,5 g
– joista sokereita/varav sockerarter: 1,75 g
Proteiinia/Protein: 0,4 g
Suolaa/Salt: 0 g


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Lemon Juice, Organic 1L 6pack
Lowest price 30 days before the discount: 37,20 
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