Licorice Dates Bar Lemon, 35 g x 18 pcs


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Licorice Dates Bar Lemon, 35 g × 18

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One of our all-time favorites licorice dates are followed by licorice date bars! Soft and wonderfully fresh licorice bar lemon is a healthy snack which draws its delicious flavour from only couple of ingredients: dates, licorice powder, hint of sea salt and natural lemon aroma which creates an addictive freshness. Its black color originates from natural vegetable charcoal. The bar does not contain any oils, grains, starch or preservatives and it gets its sweetness from natures own candies sweet dates. The bars are produced in Vaajakoski with our customers wishes in mind and a small bar creates a lovely and dangerously addictive flavour combination! Licorice date bar lemon is a perfect treat for snacking, as a dessert or enjoyed at peace. Take this tasty licorice date bar with you on a trip, as a movie snack or let it carry you through out your busy workday. You will be delighted for sure! 

Taste our traditional licorice date bar also! 

Licorice date bar Lemon is manufactured at our Vaajakoski factory as well as our other bars and Licorice date bar has received The Key Flag Symbol as an indication of finnish manufacturing and service. 

Manufactured in a factory that handles gluten-free oats, nuts (cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts and walnuts), almonds, sesame seeds, milk protein and gluten-free oats.

Licorice Dates Bar Lemon, 35 g




Taateli 96,7%, lakritsijauhe 2%, merisuola, elintarvikeväri (kasvihiili), luonnollinen sitruuna-aromi / Dadel 96,7%, lakritspulver 2%, havssalt, träkol, naturlig citronsmak.


Energiaa 1333 kJ / 467 kcal, 319 kJ / 112 kcal
Rasva/Fett: 0,3 / 0,1 g
-josta tyydyttyneet rasvahapot/varav mättat fett: 0,2 / 0,1
Hiilihydraatit/Kolhydrater: 65,2 / 22,8 g
– Sokerit yhteensä/varav sockerarter: 59,9 / 21,0 g
Kuitu/Kostfiber: 11,6 / 4,0 g
Proteiini/Protein: 2,3 / 0,8 g
Suola/Salt: 1,23 / 0,45 g


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Licorice Dates Bar Lemon, 35 g x 18 pcs
Lowest price 30 days before the discount: 17,14 
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