A healthy and nourishing salad is easy to assemble. Start with the basics like greens, tomatoes, cucumber and bell pepper. Add color: carrots, kohlrabi and red cabbage. Add flavor: radish, arugula and other fresh herbs. Prepare a salad buffet with three different plant-based protein options: Foodin quinoa, millet and toasted nuts with Paramesan. Add cashew and almond butter based sauces for amazing flavor!  


The base: A big bunch of greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, red, orange and yellow bell pepper. 

Color: Grated carrots, kohlrabi and cabbage. 

Flavor: Radishes, rucola and other fresh herbs 

Plant-based protein x 3: 

Foodin quinoa, salt or vegetable broth cube 
Foodin millet, salt or vegetable broth cube
Foodin organic nuts, about 3 tbsp Foodin Paramesan 

Sauces: Cashew and almond butter based sauces: herb, chili and lemon-ginger 


Chop the vegetables and grate a few carrots, a kohlrabi and a piece of cabbage.  

Cook the quinoa and millet according to package instructions. Note: add the vegetable broth cube or salt to the water before adding the quinoa or millet. 

Chop the nuts and toast them in a hot, dry pan for a few minutes. Let them cool and then mix in the Paramesan. 

Serve the salad with the protein options and the flavorful sauces. 

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