Coconut Sugar, Organic 230g


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Foodin’s coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that is often referred to as the world’s most sustainable sweetener. Our coconut sugar is made entirely by hand from sustainably collected nectar from coconut palm blossoms 

Over 1600 varieties of coconut palm trees can be used to produce coconut sugar, but many growth areas are deforested for other purposes. Foodin’s coconut sugar, however, is made solely from ethical coconut palm by small family farmers 

Our coconut sugar is handmade by gently boiling coconut nectar. This preparation process makes the sugar less caramelised than it would typically be. The sugar is lighter in colour for the same reason 

Coconut sugar is primarily made up of sucrose (75%), and the sweetness, nutritional value and sustainability make it one of the best sweeteners available. It contains minerals and micronutrients that are entirely removed in the production or regular white sugar. The flavour of coconut sugar is similar to cane sugar, but the toasty, caramel notes make it a loved favourite even among top chefs 

Use coconut sugar as you would regular sugar in desserts, baking, warm drinks, cold mocktails or on top of porridge, yogurt or pancakes. Coconut sugar can be combined with stevia in baking, smoothies or when making raw chocolate. 

Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index (GI 35) compared to other sweeteners, and does not raise blood sugar levels significantly. 

Packed in a factory that handles gluten-free oats, nuts (cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts and walnuts), almonds, sesame seeds, milk protein and gluten-free oats.






230 g

Ravintosisältö/Näringsinnehåll per 100g

Energiaa/ Energi: 1255 kJ / 300 kcal
Rasvaa / Fett: 0 g
-josta tyydyttyneitä / varav mättat fett: 0g
Hiilihydraatteja/ Kolhydrater: 91,9 g
– josta sokereita / varav sockerarter: 86,6 g
Proteiinia / Protein: 1,2 g
Suola / Salt: 0,5 g


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Coconut Sugar, Organic 230g

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