This is the easiest summer dessert! Just mix vegan yogurt and Foodin white chocolate Herkkuisa and add the white chocolate gurt to serving jars. Layer the jars with chopped Foodin protein bars such as Clean & Real and NuTi and fresh berries. 


About 4 small jars 

3 dl natural Greek style thick vegan gurt 

0,75 dl Foodin white chocolate Herkkuisa 

3 Foodin bars, such as NuTi and Clean & Real, chopped 

2 dl fresh berries such as blueberries and raspberries 


Let the gurt warm at room temperature for a while. Stir in the runny white chocolate Herkkuisa. If the Herkkuisa is more solid, warm it up to make it runnier. 

Divide the white chocolate gurt into jars. Top with chopped Foodin bars and berries. Enjoy this simple and delicious treat!

Nauti herkusta! 


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