Waffle dough is easily prepared from dark rice flour, oats, vegetable milk of your choice and a small amount of coconut oil. Cocoa powder, vanilla powder and a pinch of salt will bring flavor to the waffles! Assemble the waffle cake by filling its layers with Herkkuisa Raw Chocolate spread and finishing the portion with coconut chips and crushed raw chocolate. Have a delicious waffle day!


2 dl Foodin dark rice flower
1 dl oats
3 dl milk of your choice
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp Foodin bourbon vanilla powder
3 tbsp Foodin cocoa powder
50g butter or Foodin coconut oil
Pinch of salt

Chocolate sauce:
1 jar Foodin Herkkuisa
1/2 dl Foodin almond butter
1 tbsp Foodin coconut oil

1 tbsp Foodin coconut chips
1 Foodin rawchocolate
1 banana sliced


Start by adding all the ingredients for the waffles to a blender and blend into a smooth, thick dough.

Heat the waffle iron and grease it with butter or oil. Fry the waffles and let them cool.

Place all the ingredients for the chocolate sauce into a pan and heat until melted.
Assemble the first waffle on a plate, spread generously of chocolate sauce on top, and cover with sliced banana, repeat the process until you have used all waffles. Top the waffle cake with coconut flakes and shaved Mylk chocolate.

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