The main principles of the traditional stone ground method are its low temperature, careful and gentle preparation and fresh ingredients. Our selection includes over 10 different stone ground nut and seed pastes and spreads, and all our raw chocolates are made with the same technique.


The stone ground method is a centuries-old preparation method from India, in which heavy millstones are used to grind grains into flour and nuts into paste. The old, traditional method has been developed into a form fit for modern industries, which we use in our own Vaajakoski factory when preparing a great number of different types of products.


The heavy millstones grind the ingredients into a luscious paste or tasty raw chocolate mass over the course of two or three whole days. We keep the temperature of the mass under 42 degrees Celsius throughout the entire production process to ensure that the mass stays raw. This way, all the properties of the ingredients remain in the final product, all the way to our customer’s plates. That is not all – the soft, velvety texture of the pastes and chocolate are also due to the slow, gentle processing of the millstones.


Our Stone Ground master Sanna has worked at Foodin for several years. She learnt the trade from our founder and owner Lasse, and has constantly developed her own role forwards. She loves to optimise production operations, and cannot emphasise her enthusiasm as the selection expands. There’s always something new to learn.

Sanna begins the two-three day process of making a delicious paste, spread or chocolate mass by measuring just the right amount of ingredients into a big metallic mill. During the first 24 hours of the preparation, ingredients are added into the mix little by little, so that by the end of the day, one mill contains the maximum amount of ingredients.

Measuring is simple when making a single-ingredient nut or seed paste, but when making a flavoured chocolate, many different ingredients have to be added into the mix, such as berries, dried fruit, coffee, mint, herbs and other spices. Two of our chocolates take especially long to make perfect due to their composition, the blueberry and gingerbread flavoured chocolates.

The giant stone ground millstones grind the mass from two to three days. The heavy grinding raises the temperature of the mass by a few degrees, but never over 42 degrees Celsius. There are several mills operating at once, so many different products are made simultaneously.

Sanna is also responsible for tasting the products, ensuring the right kind of texture and flavour. Sanna’s favourites are cashew butter and chocolate, especially those with special flavours. Her favourite chocolate is the Coconut Milk chocolate bar.

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