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Chia Porridge

A healthy, delicious breakfast has never been easier! This chia porridge recipe is done in portion 1-2 bowls of porridge preparation time 15 minutes

Foodin’s Vaajakoski Factory is Carbon Neutral

Our mission is simple – we want to offer better food for a better tomorrow.

The Unique Stone Ground Method

The main principles of the traditional stone ground method are its low temperature, careful andthe heavy millstones grind the ingredients into a luscious paste or tasty raw chocolate mass over the course of two or three whole days. we keep the temperature of the mass under 42 degrees celsius...

Coconut Water – Foodin’s sustainable thirst-quencher

Foodin’s coconut water is a fresh, refreshing thirst quencher made from sustainably sourced young coconuts. [ux_image id="251788"]

Handmade Raw Chocolate : Fine Finnish Craftsmanship

Our handmade raw chocolate is the result of a never-ending passion. Our founder Lasse Jalkanen [ux_image id="261014"]

Our coconut products and their production

Coconut plays a very important role in the story of Foodin, and many customers know coconut flour  coconut flour is a baker’s best friend! coconut flours are prepared from dried coconut pulp by grinding. the flavour is soft and aromatic, and due to their softness, you might not...

The Story of Foodin – better food for a better tomorrow

Organic food is gaining popularity on a global scale. Our founder Lasse Jalkanen has beenmaria jalkanen, the second owner and entrepreneur of foodin, stepped into the story in 2015. meeting maria was a chance for lasse to take it down a notch and crystallise foodin’s core mission.  hav...

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