Are there any berries left in the freezer? Now is a good time to use the berries found in the freezer before the first fresh berries arrive. Half a kilo of berries can be immersed in the berry crumble, and delicious nuts are hidden in the frosting.


500 g frozen berries
2 tbsp Foodin light rice flour 
0,5 dl Foodin coconut nectar 
120 g / 1 bag of Foodin mixed nuts 
1 dl Foodin pecan nuts 
1 dl Foodin light rice flour
1 dl Foodin coconut nectar 
0,5 dl Foodin almond butter 
2 tbsp Foodin coconut oil 
½ tsp Foodin ground cardamom 
¼ tsp Foodin Himalayan fine crystal salt 


Preheat the oven to 180 C. 

Spread the berries evenly on a pie pan or other shallow baking dish. Coat the berries with rice flour and drizzle coconut nectar on top if you want the crumble to be sweeter. 

Blend the Foodin nuts with a food processor until they’re crumbly. Mix the crumbled nuts with rice flour, coconut nectar, almond butter, oil, cardamom and salt until you have a sticky dough. 

Add dollops of dough evenly on top of the berries and bake for 30 minutes or until the crumble is golden brown. 

Enjoy the berry crumble plain or with ice cream or whipped cream. 

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