Coconut Manna, Organic 400ml


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Coconut manna is a delicious, organic coconut puree that will rejuvenate your cooking. This versatile manna can be used in both sweet desserts and salty dishes. It is simply luscious on its own, but coconut manna can also be blended with water to make coconut cream or milk. It makes sauces and stews more full-bodied and creamier, and it can be used as a part of doughs and icings. The sky’s the limit with this puree! Coconut manna has swiftly become a vegan and ketogenic kitchen staple! 


Coconut manna is made using pulp from fresh coconuts that have been farmed sustainably and ethically. The coconuts are forest farmed, a method which emphasises the wellbeing of the environment and its biodiversity. Coconuts are gathered by climbing or using long-stemmed small blades to make sure no branches break. Within two hours of picking, the fruit is shelled, washed and pressed. This enables the freshest possible flavour in all Foodin coconut products.  

“Manna” means different things in different cultures, but mostly it refers to a heavenly delicacy or overnatural force. The history of coconut use goes back a long way to ancient Asian cuisines, from Kerala to Sri Lanka, and the coconut tree has often been referred to as the tree of abundance. Our coconut manna is not made by gods, but in a stone ground mill that gently grinds fresh coconut chips into a velvety coconut puree for two days. Simply put, coconut manna is a nut paste produced at low temperatures. Its possibilities in the kitchen and our plates are almost endless 

Store coconut manna protected from sunlight. 

Manufactured in a factory that handles gluten-free oats, nuts (cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts and walnuts), almonds, sesame seeds, milk protein and gluten-free oats.


100% Kookos/Kokos


Sri Lanka

Valmistus & pakkaus

Suomi, Jyväskylä / Foodin


400 ml

Ravintosisältö/Näringsinnehåll per 100g

Energiaa / Energi: 2761kJ/660 kcal
Rasvaa / Fett: 64.53 g
– josta tyydyttynyttä / varav mättat fett: 57.22 g
Hiilihydraatteja / Kolhydrater: 7.35 g
– josta sokereita / varav sockerarter: 7.35 g
Kuitua / Kostfiber: 16.3 g
Proteiinia / Protein: 6.88 g
Suolaa / Salt: 0,004g


Gluteeniton, Maidoton, Raaka


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Coconut Manna, Organic 400ml

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