This simple summer food can be prepared from any fresh vegetables such as cucumber and cabbage. With a lovely umami rich tahini sauce, this salad is perfect for warm summer days. Sprinkle Foodin dry roasted spiced cashews on top and you have a perfect meal! 


250 g (gluten-free) noodles 

1 cucumber 

1 small cabbage 

Tahini sauce 

1 dl Foodin light tahini 

3 tbsp Foodin lemon juice 

2 tbsp Foodin umami sauce 

2 crushed garlic cloves 

½ tsp Foodin ginger 

¼ tsp Foodin chili powder 

0,5 tsp salt 

0,5 dl water  

To the salad: 

0,5 dl Foodin sesame seeds 

Bunch of fresh cilantro 

Foodin spiced dry-roasted cashews such as Curry Lemon and Chili Garlic 


Cook the noodles according to package directions. Make cucumber noodles or cut them into thin sticks. Slice the cabbage thinly. Mix the cucumbers and cabbage into the noodles. 

Whisk the tahini sauce. Add more water, if necessary, to make the sauce runnier. Mix the sauce into the noodle salad. 

Mix sesame seeds and some cilantro into the salad too. Enjoy the salad with Foodin spiced cashews and fresh cilantro. 


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