Coconut plays a very important role in the story of Foodin, and many customers know us specifically by our coconut products.  Coconut is a versatile and nutritious fruit that transfoms into flour, flakes, manna, oils and fresh, thirst-quenching coconut water. Coconut products play a vital role in our business, and no wondercoconut offers a huge range of options for all types of cooking and baking 

It is crucial we know the background of our ingredients through the entire value chain. We prefer small family farmers who grow coconut organically via forest farming. Forest farming provotes biodiversity and takes advantage of the entire coconut fruit, minimising waste. Due to its great impact on the global ecosystem, we focus and invest in early production stages and the wellbeing of the environment in which coconut is grown. The actual transportation of ingredients is only a few percentages of the product’s total carbon footprint on average, but we always strive to procure the largest possible batches and transport the batch via cargo ships to be as environmentally conscious as we can. We source our delicious coconuts from the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.  

We work in close collaboration with our producers, and visit farmers regularly to learn more about farming and the sourcing of ingredients. We want to ensure that our products are the highest quality possible, and that they’re organically produced and pure. It is important that farming communities are able to educate themselves, develop their skills and secure their livelihoods through farming. The Foodin family includes the whole value chain, from a passionate farmer to the customer who opens their coconut water pack on a hiking trail. Coconuts are at our core.  

Do you already know about all the possibilities coconut has to offer?  



Coconut flakes are produced from carefully selected coconut pulp. They’re processed gently in low heat in order to preserve their nutrients, and they’re very versatile in daily use: they’re great for baking, decorating and topping muesli, granola and porridge, and are perfectly tasty on their own 


Coconut manna is made from coconut flakes, and has a completely one-of-a-kind texture. It is ground in a traditional stone mill, and it suits both sweet and salty dishes. Together with water, coconut manna transforms into coconut cream or milk! It brings a creamy, full-bodied touch to soups, casseroles and sauces, and is very easy to add to doughs, fillings and icings. You can also enjoy coconut manna all on its own, or add a spoonful on top of fresh berries during summertime. As the name suggests, coconut manna is creamy, soft and lusciously delicious 


Coconut flour is a baker’s best friend! Coconut flours are prepared from dried coconut pulp by grinding. The flavour is soft and aromatic, and due to their softness, you might not need as much sweetener in your baking as you would with regular flours. This gluten-free flour has protein and fibre, and you can replace 10-25 percent from the flours in your baking. In addition to baking, coconut flour can be used in porridge, muesli, smoothies and as part of vegan ice cream 


Because of its endurance of heat, the versatile coconut oil is a delicious alternative to traditional frying oils and fats. Try coconut oil in roasted vegetables! The tropical scent and smooth texture make coconut oil an amazing oil for baking as well, and it brings a soft aroma to batters and pancakes! Coconut oil can be used in chia pudding or smoothie, and it is regularly used in beauty care all over the world! Try coconut oil as a moisturiser or hair mask!  


Rejuvenating, hydrating coconut water is one of our absolute customer favourites! Few things taste as refreshing as ice-cold coconut water at the end of a hard workout or a long day at work. In addition to being a thirst quencher, coconut water is perfect for ice cream, smoothies and mocktails. The sustainably sourced and forest farmed coconut water is a fresh, tropical drink that’s good for you and the planet in many ways.



MCT, or medium chain triglyceride oil, is 100% concentrated from coconuts, consisting of caprylic and capric acids. MCT oil makes increasing fatty acid intake easy – just add a splash to your morning smoothie or a full-bodied bulletproof coffee. 


Caprylic acid, like MCT oil, is concentrated solely from coconuts. A good source of fatty acids, the caprylic acid is a booster in all types of foods and drinks, as it withstands heat up to 160 degrees Celsius. 


This delicious sauce is made from coconut nectar and sea salt, but does not taste of coconuts at all! Coconut aminos work like soy, and have become a favourite among our customers in sushi, salads, rice dishes and other Asian cuisine. It offers a less salty and gluten free alternative to cooking and seasoning. 


Coconut sugar is made from the nectar of coconut tree blossoms. The nectar is gathered and prepared into sugar by small family farmer communities. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index, making it an excellent alternative to traditional sweeteners. Coconut sugar has a toasted caramel aroma, and it brings unique flavour to baking and cooking.

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