Banh Xeo are delicious gluten-free crepes made from rice flour. The beautiful yellow color comes from Foodin turmeric powder. Enjoy the rice crepes with umami sauce, lemon lentils, mushrooms, lettuce, herbs and Foodin spiced dry roasted cashews.


Lemon lentils 

1,5 dl Foodin green lentils 

2 tbsp Foodin lemon juice 

2 tsp Foodin olive oil 

½ tsp Foodin mild curry powder 

½ tsp Foodin fine Himalayan salt 

With the crepes 

200g Shiitake or other mushrooms + Foodin olive oil and pinch of salt 

Lettuce, herbs and chives 

Foodin dry roasted spiced cashews 


3 tbsp water 

2 tbsp Foodin umami sauce 

1 tsp Foodin apple cider vinegar 

1 tsp Foodin lemon juice 

2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro 

about 1 tbsp chopped chili 

¼ tsp salt or to taste 

Rice crepes 

Appr.6-8 crepes 

3 dl Foodin light rice flour 

1,5 tsp Foodin turmeric powder 

¾ tsp Foodin fine himalayan salt 

2,5 dl Foodin coconut milk 

2,5 dl Foodin coconut water 

+ Foodin olive oil for cooking 


Rinse the lentils and cook them according to instructions. Season the lentils with lemon juice, oil, curry powder and salt. 

Cook the mushrooms in a hot dry pan, add oil and continue cooking until the mushrooms are brown. Add a pinch of salt. 

Mix the umami sauce together. 

Mix the crepes batter. Warm oil in a teflon pan and cook about 1 dl per crepe for a few minutes per side or until the crepe is easy to flip. This batter makes about 6-8 crepes depending on the size of the pan. 

Serve the crepes warm with the umami sauce, lemon lentils, Foodin cashews, lettuce, herbs, chives and mushrooms.


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