Vegan chocolate truffles are easy to make from Foodin Dark and Dreamy raw chocolate and coconut milk. Add Christmas spices and sweeten the truffles with a coating of birch sugar.    


200 g (2 packages) Foodin Dark raw chocolate groats 

100 g (1 package) Foodin Dreamy raw chocolate groats 


200 g (2 packages) Foodin Dreamy raw chocolate groats 

100 g (1 package) Foodin Dark raw chocolate groats 

0,75 dl Foodin coconut milk, warm  

0,5 tsp Foodin gingerbread spice 

0,5 tsp Foodin cardamom 

Pinch of salt 

If you want sweeter: add sweetener such as syrup, 1 tbsp or to taste 

Coating: about 2 tbsp of Foodin birch sugar 


Melt the raw chocolate groats in a water bath. Add the warm coconut milk, spices and salt and mix until smooth. Taste and add sweetener to taste. 

If you are making the truffles mostly from Dreamy raw chocolate groats, the truffles will be a bit lighter and sweeter than if made mostly from the Dark groats. 

Pour the chocolate mixture in a wide dish and freeze for about 30 minutes or until the mixture is solid enough to scoop. 

Roll into small balls between the palms of your hands and then coat with birch sugar. 

Store the truffles in the refrigerator. 

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