Sikarni is a nepalese dessert with yogurt drained overnight and then whipped into a creamy delight with Foodin coconut yogurt, birch sugar and ground cardamom. Try delicious chai spiced nuts and pomegranates as a topping for this simple, but festive dessert. You can also whip the yogurt without draining it overnight for a quick dessert. And you can use vegan yogurt to make the dessert vegan. 



500 g thick yogurt 

0,5 dl Foodin coconut milk 

3 tbsp Foodin birch sugar 

1 tsp Foodin ground cardamom 

Chai nuts

120 g Foodin organic nuts 

1 tbsp Foodin coconut oil or ghee 

3 tbsp Foodin shredded coconut 

1 tbsp honey or syrup 

1 tsp Foodin chai spice 

Pinch of salt 

For serving

Pomegranate or other fresh fruit 


Scoop the yogurt into a kitchen cloth and tie the cloth tightly. Place the cloth on a sieve on top of a bowl and let drain overnight. The next day, whip the thick yogurt with coconut milk, birch sugar and cardamom into a fluffy mixture. 

You can also whip plain thick yogurt without draining it overnight. 

Chop the nuts and roast them in oil in a pan with the shredded coconut. Add the sweetener, chai spice and salt. Stir on medium heat until the nuts turn golden. Let the nuts cool before serving. 

Serve the whipped yogurt with the chai nuts and pomegranates. 

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