Roast hokkaido pumpkin wedges in the oven and dip them in a creamy kidney bean dip and nourishing guacamole. Enjoy the meal with Foodin Chili-garlic cashews for extra flavor!


1/2 hokkaido pumpkin 

1 tbsp Foodin Extra virgin olive oil 

1 tbsp Foodin umami sauce 

1 tbsp Foodin lemon juice 

1 tsp Foodin BBQ-spice 

0,5 tsp salt 

Black pepper 

Kidney bean dip 

4 dl cooked Foodin kidney beans 

1 garlic clove  

2 tbsp Foodin Foodin Extra virgin olive oil 

1 tbsp Foodin lemon juice  

2 tsp Foodin ground cumin 

2 tsp Foodin oregano 

1/8 tsp Foodin chili powder 

0,5 tsp salt 

Nourishing guacamole 

3 pientä / keskikokoista avocados 

½ small onion, diced  

1 big or 2 smaller tomatoes, chopped 

3 tbsp cilantro, chopped  

1 crushed garlic clove  

1 tbsp Foodin lemon juice  

¾ tsp salt 

2 – 3 tsp Foodin Nettle powder (to taste, add a little bit at a time) 

Also: Foodin Chili-garlic cashews 


Preheat the oven to 200 C. 

Cut half a pumpkin into thin wedges. Mix the spices together and spread on the wedges. Roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes depending on the thickness of the wedges. 

For the kidney bean dip you can prepare the beans the night before by soaking them overnight. Cook them according to instructions and then blend 4 dl cooked beans with the other ingredients to get a smooth dip. Add oil or water as needed to make the dip thinner and/or to keep the blender running. 

Prepare the guacamole by smashing the avocados with a fork. Add diced onion, chopped tomatoes, cilantro garlic, lemon juice and salt. Add nettle powder to taste – start small with for example 1 tsp. You can also leave out the powder if you don’t want your guacamole to taste too “green”. 

Enjoy the meal with Foodin chili-garlic cashews!

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