A lovely, layered mango dessert is easy to make in mere minutes! The delicious secret to this dessert is Foodin NUTI-organic nut bars combined with fresh mango and creamy vegan yogurt whip. 


4 portions 

2 Foodin NUTI organic nut bars such as Honey, Pecans & Sea Salt or Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt 

1 mango 

2 tsp Foodin lemon juice 

1,5 dl dairy-free creamy yogurt (Greek style) 

2,5 dl whipped plant-based cream 

1 tbsp Foodin xylitol / birch sugar 

1 tsp Foodin ginger powder 


Chop the NUTI organic nut bar into small pieces. 

Chop the mango and mix with lemon juice. 

Mix the plant-based yogurt, whipped cream, sugar and ginger together. 

Layer the chopped nut bars, the mango and the cream in serving jars. Enjoy! 

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