Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar 530g


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Our Christmas hit Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar is back again with new flavors! Organic and vegan Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar will lead young and old towards Christmas festivities and gives delightful flavor sensations every day of December all the way to Christmas day. Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar contains raw chocolate bars and raw chocolate and vegan white chocolate covered nuts and berries which are made in Finland. In addition to familiar and loved flavors you can find seasonal flavors of Christmas in this calendar also. 

Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar is suitable for the whole family and sharing with your loved ones. 


Raw chocolate is manufactured from raw unroasted cocoa beans. Raw chocolate is like wine – you can taste its growth environment in it: the soil, surrounding nature, the climate. The secret to good quality raw chocolate is in high quality cocoa beans and its gentle, skilled manufacturing. In addition to authentic taste our raw chocolate has another secret also. Cocoa is the worlds most antioxidant rich fuit and we cherish this by not using high temperatures in the manufacturing process so the health benefits remain in the final product. 


The products in no particular order: 

Raw chocolate bars 40g x 6 pcs: Coconut Milk, Gingerbread, Strawberry, Wild Blueberry, Chai-Orange, Chocolate covered products: 15-20g x pcs: Raw Chocolate Strawberry (RS MANSIKKA*), Gingerbread Cashew (PIPARICASHEW*), Raw Chocolate Almond (RS MANTELI*), White chocolate raisin (VS RUSINA *), Raw Chocolate Banana (RS BANAANI*), Raw Chocolate Ginger (RS INKIVAARI*), White Chocolate Raspberry (VS VADELMA*), Raw Chocolate Hazelnut (RS HASSEL*), Gingerbread Raisin (PIPARIRUSINA*), Raw Chocolate Mulberries (RS MULPERI*), White Chocolate Cashew (VS CASHEW*), Gingerbread Almond (PIPARIMANTELI*), Raw Chocolate Raspberry (RS VADELMA*), Raw Chocolate Cashew (RS CASHEW*), White Chocolate Strawberry (VS MANSIKKA), Raw Chocolate Raisin (RS RUSINA*) 

*=abbreviation in the package 

Packaged in a factory that processes nuts (cashew, Brazil nut, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hazel and walnuts), almonds, sesame seeds and whey protein (from milk). 




Kookossokeri*, kaakaovoi*, kaakaonibs*, rusina*, ruokosokeri*, kookosmaitojauhe*, CASHEWPÄHKINÄ*, kristallisoitu inkivääri (inkivääri*, ruokosokeri*), MANTELI*, banaani*, kookoshiutale*, mulperi*, HASSELPÄHKINÄ*, pakastekuivattu mansikka*, pakastekuivattu vadelma*, mustikkajauhe*, mansikkajauhe*, kanelijauhe*, piparminttuöljy*, appelsiiniöljy*, neilikkajauhe*, merisuola, kardemummajauhe*, inkiväärijauhe*, muskottipähkinäjauhe*, vaniljauutejauhe*, vaniljajauhe*, mustapippurijauhe*. *=luomu /
Kokossocker*, kakaosmör*, kakaonibs*, russin*, rörsocker*, kokosmjölkspulver*, CASHEWNÖT*, kristalliserad ingefära (ingfära*, rörsocker*), MANDEL*, banan*, kokosflingor*, mullbär *, HASSELNÖT*, frystorkad jordgubb*, frystorkat hallon*, blåbärspulver*, jordgubbspulver*, kanelpulver*, pepparmyntsolja*, apelsinolja*, kryddnejlikapulver*, havssalt, kardemummapulver*, ingefärapulver *, muskotpulver*, vaniljextraktpulver*, vaniljpulver*, svartpepparpulver*. *=ekologisk


Energia/Energi: 2177 kJ / 495 kcal
Rasva/Fett: 35,5 g
-josta tyydyttyneet/varav mättat fett: 19,5 g
Hiilihydraatit/Kolhydrater: 43,9 g
-joista sokereita/varav sockerarter: 36,9 g
Ravintokuitu/Kostfiber: 8,7 g
Proteiini/Protein: 6,1 g
Laktoosi: 0 g
Suola/Salt: 0,01 g




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Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar 530g

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