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Cumin, or jeera, is a deep and strong spice that is used in all kinds of vegetable and meat dishes. It is an integral part of Asian as well as Mexican cuisine, and you’ll find cumin in many things, from Indian sauces to Middle Eastern falafels and Mexican chili con carne. Cumin is a vital part of the classic garam masala and curry spice blends used in India. Cumin is spicy, warm and full-bodied, and simple to use in pot dishes, sauces and marinades.  

Spices are a simple way to renew familiar foods and rejuvenate old recipes. Trying out new spices is easy and fun, and who knows what new flavours and combinations you might discover on the way! Typical recipe recommendations provide inspiration for fine-tuning foods with spices, but in reality, the sky’s the limit when fear is set aside! A simple pasta, easy risotto, salad and other everyday foods are easily transformed into culinary delights with spices. The key is balanceonce you’ve mastered using spices, it is easier to recognise which herb goes with what and how much of the spice should be used 

Organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, GMO-free. No additives or preservatives.

Packaged in a factory that processes nuts (cashew, Brazil nut, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hazel and walnuts), almonds, sesame seeds and whey protein (from milk).






90 g


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Cumin, Organic 90 g

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